Rain barrel 300 l - 350 l Red Wine

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  • <p>Rain barrel made of an used 300 l barrel.</p>
Rain barrel made from a used 300 l - 350 l oak barrel. The barrels are watertight, a lid has... more
Product information "Rain barrel 300 l - 350 l Red Wine"

Rain barrel made from a used 300 l - 350 l oak barrel. The barrels are watertight, a lid has been made from the head and it is equipped with a wooden handle. The barrel may be coloured by the red wine which was aged in it. Various designs are available..

Rain barrels used to collect rainwater are great all-rounders. The rain barrels, which were once used to age beer, wine or distillates, are not only an eye-catching item in a park or in your garden. Wooden barrels are, without question, the most sustainable way of collecting water, as wood is after all a renewable resource. Quite apart from the lovely look of the barrels and their decorative character, a ton of water will be saved. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also allows you to mete out every drop of water to your plants or animals living in your garden.
Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, rain barrels are a wonderful addition to everything from English gardens to weekend properties to sun terraces.

Colour variations are possible!

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 98-104 cm
Ø Belly: 79 cm
Ø Head: 62-66 cm   

The barrel comes without a tap, as standard.  If required, you can select the tap under "Accessories".

Every oak barrel is unique. Different colorations are caused by the precious content that was once stored in them. Small notches in the wood or small bumps are not quality defects but rather determined by the nature of the construction and the prior use of the barrel.

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