Flowerpot - 3/4 barrel

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Flowerpot -  made from a 225 l barrique barrel Ideally suited for larger plants or... more
Product information "Flowerpot - 3/4 barrel"

Flowerpot -  made from a 225 l barrique barrel

Ideally suited for larger plants or shrubs. The tubs are made from old oak red wine barrels and are in  a good condition. The tubs are waterproof and can therefore be used as small ponds. The hoops are hot-dip galvanised, the head hoop at the bottom can also be made out of Willow.

When planting the pots, we strongly recommend holes are drilled in the bottom of the container for water drainage.
At the end of the order, you can let us know in the comments field if you would like to have this option.

Tubs made of oak with galvanised hoops. The barrels show signs of use and red wine stains.

Dimensions approx.:
Height: 67cm
Ø Top: 66cm
Ø Bottom: 52cm

Making your courtyard and garden greener doesn’t just show a love of nature but it can also create a congenial and aesthetic scene in any home. Where flowers, perennials and small trees flourish, everyone can enjoy their company. Of course, every plant needs the right size flowerpot. Tubs made from wooden barrels are not only sustainable but are also naturally beautiful options. The barrels all have different varnishes or colourings from their first life, so the flowerpots don’t just look absolutely amazing. Wood is a renewable resource and is one of the most sustainable, when used correctly. We not only make new flowerpots, but also give used wine barrels a second life in your garden. Something more natural is not possible.

Every oak barrel is unique. The different colorations are caused by the valuable contents that they once contained. Small notches in the wood or small bumps are not quality defects but rather caused by how it was made and how the barrel was used.

All pictures are examples, color variations are possible.

Flower pot style: Standard