Flowerpot – New Wave

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Exclusive flowerpot made from a ¾ 225 l barrel. In our carpenter's workshop, we rebuilt the... more
Product information "Flowerpot – New Wave"

Exclusive flowerpot made from a ¾ 225 l barrel.

In our carpenter's workshop, we rebuilt the red wine barrel with craftsmanship into this beautiful flower tub. First, the staves were glued and waves were cut out from the top of the barrel. These waves are finely sanded and the resulting form makes this flowerpot into an absolute eyecatcher in your garden. Two drilled holes serve as carrying handles. The hoops are wire brushed and the pot is coated with boat varnish.

When planting the pots, we strongly advise holes are drilled in the bottom of the pot for water drainage.
At the end of the order, you can let us know in the comments field if you would like to have this option - This service is free of charge for you!

Dimensions approx.: 
Height: 70cm
Ø Top: 70cm
Ø Bottom: 50cm

Time of Production approx. 10 working days

Making your courtyard and garden greener doesn’t just show a love of nature but it can also create a congenial and aesthetic scene in any home. Where flowers, perennials and small trees flourish, everyone can enjoy their company. Of course, every plant needs the right size flowerpot. Tubs made from wooden barrels are not only sustainable but are also naturally beautiful options. The barrels all have different varnishes or colourings from their first life, so the flowerpots don’t just look absolutely amazing. Wood is a renewable resource and is one of the most sustainable, when used correctly. We not only make new flowerpots, but also give used wine barrels a second life in your garden. Something more natural is not possible.

Every oak barrel is unique. Different colorations arose from the precious content that once stored them. Small notches in the wood or small bumps are not quality defects but rather determined by the nature of the construction and the prior use of the barrels. Hardly any other piece of furniture spreads so much authenticity, Spirit and feel-good atmosphere like a wooden barrel, each telling a different story from days gone by.

We stress the natural change of the product when it is exposed to the weather. All photos are sample photos, color deviations are possible.

Flower pot style: FassStolz®