Kitchen countertop from refurbished barrel staves

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Are you looking for a special oak kitchen countertop? With us you get customizable countertops... more
Product information "Kitchen countertop from refurbished barrel staves"

Are you looking for a special oak kitchen countertop?

With us you get customizable countertops from used oak barrel staves from large barrels. The large barrels are 100 years old and older and wines and distillates once matured in them. We extract these barrels from cellars all over Europe and use the precious staves to build furniture.

The wood is cleaned, sawn and planed by hand. The oak barrel staves are butt glued according to their length. We grout the former galls/joints, in which the barrel staves were bound, with epoxy resin - gladly with color pigments if desired. After these elaborate work processes, the panels are fine-sanded several times and oiled or varnished, depending on the specifications.

Each board is unique and is produced only once.

Notches, small cracks and bumps are no reason for complaint, but wanted and they tell the story of each piece of wood.

The worktop is 600 mm wide and the minimum length is 2500 mm. Longer versions are of course possible. The cut-outs for the stove and sink are usually made by the craftsmen on site who are building the kitchen. After precise notification and specification, this is also possible with us at no extra charge.

Dimensions approx:
Width: 600 mm
thickness: 35 mm

Surface treatment: oil or varnish

Minimum purchase: 2500 mm

Please contact us for the desired surface treatment and required length.