Per Vino – La Barrica®

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Exclusive wine bar made out of a Barrique - Unique Manufactured and designed for Per-Vino,... more
Product information "Per Vino – La Barrica®"

Exclusive wine bar made out of a Barrique - Unique

Manufactured and designed for Per-Vino, developed of a used 225l premium Barrique barrel. After the intensive cleaning with dry ice the barrel is being disassembled, the staves are being seperately glue-laminated and reassembled afterwards.

The drawer hole was adapted to the curvature. The drawer was made of old barrel staves and the inlay was lined with high quality felt in a sophisticated procedure. 

Provided with a turret of two old bottoms of casks, in which there are incorporated recesses for wine bottles with a height of up to 350mm. The manufacturing of these parts is very challenging because the staves first have to be rebent from their curved form into their originality. The upper rotary plate houses glass holders made of metal which were adapted to the barrel hoops in their lacquering and which can store up to 12 premium wine glasses. The interiority of the wine bar is hidden through the door which is fastened on the left side and which was also produced with the staves of the respective barrel and equipped with a snap lock.

This bar is beared and kept movable on smooth-running and quiet heavy duty castors which can be locked with a foot break pedal.

The barrel is being lacquered in the following three color variants:

- black-glossy with carbon-colored hoops

- white-glossy with carbon-colored hoops

- bright oak-matt with black-lacquered hoops

Consciously we made sure to retain the structures of the premium oak wood at all lacquerings. What crowns the look and feel of this wine bar, which can also be used as a Digestif bar by the way, is the laser branding on top with engraving of unique. Individual lacquerings are of course available after consultation with us and at additional charge.

 Dimensions ca. (in cm):

total height 97    
diameter head 50    
diameter belly 70    
  height width depth
door at the outside 55 33  
drawer at the outside 17 33  
drawer at the inside 7,5 30 44

The dimensions of the door and the drawer vary depending on the width of the individual staves.

Shipping approx. 3 weeks after receipt of money on a euro-pallet.