Shelf Barrel made of used Cognac Barrel 500 l

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Shelf barrel made out of an old cognac barrel. The... more
Product information "Shelf Barrel made of used Cognac Barrel 500 l"

Shelf barrel made out of an old cognac barrel.

The barrel is professionally cleaned, sanded, open front, with one floor. The floor is equiped with a glass plate ( ca. 57 cm). 

The sureface of the barrel is painted with wood stain and afterwards with varnish.

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 106 cm
Ø Belly: 89 cm
Ø Head: 71 cm

production time: 10 work days

Before making shelves, we let the barrels dry and glue the staves individually. This elaborate process ensures the stability of the shelf and prevents the wood from warping due to temperature fluctuations. Please note, however, that too dry and warm heating air does not do the barrel good.