Ornamental rack for 30 bottles

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Our original racks  for 30 bottles of Champagne are made of oak. The desks are connected by... more
Product information "Ornamental rack for 30 bottles"

Our original racks  for 30 bottles of Champagne are made of oak. The desks are connected by massive hinges and are prevented from unfolding in the middle by chains. The Champagne Racks are ideal for sophisticated decoration or as an arrangement to a table as well as a sparkling wine or wine storage! In our affiliated joinery, the racks can also be reworked according to your ideas.

When buying wood, please note that it is a natural product and changes its appearance when exposed to the weather.

The metal parts can be affected by rust, which is a natural process and does not constitute a reason for complaint.

Dimensions ca.:
width: 36 cm
hight: 76 cm

Riddling racks are central to the process of manufacturing Champagne. After the sparkling wine has aged on the lees, it is ready for the concluding stages. Riddling, or remuage, is the process designed to collect the sediment in a bottle and deposit it near the mouth of the bottle.

The bottles are inclined at a 45-degree angle on a riddling rack, comprising two simple rectangular boards hinged at the top. Each side is bored with six bottleneck-size holes, along ten rows. Thus each riddling rack can hold 30 bottles although there are special models for large containers. The riddler places the neck of a bottle of Champagne into each of the holes. A painted line on the bottom of each bottle acts as a marker, with all markers pointing in the same direction.

Daily, over the next few weeks, the riddler twists every bottle a few degrees. Simultaneously, he raises the bottle bottom indiscernibly, lowering the neck only a centimeter or two each week. In the beginning, all the bottles seem to be almost horizontal. After a few weeks, however, the bottles are slanted to a 60-degree angle and are neck-down in their holes.

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