Decorative Barrel 225 l – The Allrounder

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Product information "Decorative Barrel 225 l – The Allrounder"

If you love diversity and creativity, then you’ve come to the right place.

These shelf display barrels are incredibly versatile. They have been made from high quality wooden barrels with a generous opening cut out of the middle which creates so much storage space.

Used as a side table: items as diverse as garden tools, candles or the odd bottle of wine could be stored in the barrel.

Talking of wine bottles: laid sideways on a stand, this decorative barrel would look amazing at any garden party or wedding. Filled with ice, it would become a great drinks cooler for sparkling wine, wine or beer bottles.

Any enthusiastic gardener will appreciate this decorative barrel as a generous planter – just store it on a wooden barrel stand. Let your imagination run wild!



Dimensions approx.:
Height: 90cm
Ø Belly: 72cm

Weight: approx 40kg