Decoration barrel 190 l - Bourbon

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Used bourbon or whisky cask from the USA Our 190 l Bourbon casks come from renowned Bourbon and... more
Product information "Decoration barrel 190 l - Bourbon"

Used bourbon or whisky cask from the USA

Our 190 l Bourbon casks come from renowned Bourbon and whisky distilleries in the USA.
There the barrels are usually occupied for 3 years and are then shipped to us freshly emptied.
As a decorative eye-catcher, high table or bar, these barrels are very well suited thanks to their slim design.
Due to the relatively short covering with distillate, the barrels show traces of use, but still have little patina.
Each barrel is unique, especially if you want to use it outdoors the look will change over time, so you can be sure that you have bought a unique piece of America.

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 89 cm
Ø Belly: 65 cm
Ø Head: 54 cm

Our decorative barrels are mainly suitable for outdoor use.
If you still want to place the barrel in heated rooms, we strongly recommend to have the staves glued by our coopers. (Can be ordered under accessories).
This is the only way to ensure that your barrel remains stable for a long time.

Each oak barrel is unique. Different colors are created from the precious contents that were once stored in them. Small notches in the wood or small irregularities are not defects in quality but rather determined by the peculiarity of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. Hardly any other piece of furniture spreads so much authenticity, esprit and feel-good atmosphere as a wooden barrel, each telling a different story from days gone by.

All pictures are sample pictures, color variations possible

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